Paradox Place

Paradox Place is a House of Illusions set in the heart of Brighton. Our attraction is spread across 4 floors and is filled with mind-boggling optical illusions, interactive artwork, historical magic tricks and fun photo opportunities!

          As you step out of one exhibit and into another, you will grow bigger and smaller, become a live hologram, a kite surfer, a Punch and Judy character, an aerial artist, or a skydiver! We are very excited to offer ourselves as a new, fresh, and exciting school visit, for students and teachers alike.


Are we educational? Yes! We have taken great care to provide background information on our illusions and exhibits, that explain the science and psychology behind what you see. Your class watch science and maths coming to life in the real world; in an exciting, engaging and completely unique environment.

        In addition, you can extend your students’ learning by taking advantage of our Group Space which can be set up as a classroom holding 30 people. We have a variety of themed, educational workshops available to book including science, maths, illusion, and magic. The workshops will be adjusted to suit your Key Stage and requirements. You are welcome to lead your own class too.


Puzzle Parade Experience: Team building

We also offer our team building experience, Puzzle Parade, which can be booked solo or as part of your day. This is a challenge-based experience that combines a Brighton Treasure Hunt with Escape Room puzzles. The experience requires the students to use logic, reasoning, observation, problem solving and their teamwork skills to crack the case.

How does it work?

Your students will be briefed all together and then split off into smaller groups of 5. Each team will receive a coding device, map, puzzle book and mysterious item before setting off on their route! We recommend having a teacher accompany each group, as students may be quite spread out over the centre of Brighton for 2-3 hours. We will have games hosts answering the dedicated clue phone line so that your students are supported and helped whenever they need it. Once each team have completed their puzzles, they must make their way back to headquarters (Paradox Place) to finish their mission.

The experience can be made competitive with the teams having to race against time to get back first, or can be enjoyed purely as problem-solving and team-building exercise.

All the above can also include a lunch option of hot Pizza, Chips and Salad- for a day trip with a difference!

Get in touch with our manager Georgina on so we can help and advise further.