Paradox Place is situated in an old Victorian saw mill and because of the layout of the building, it has sadly not been possible to install a lift. We hope to have chair lifts installed in the future so will be increasing our accessibility.

We want to be as inclusive of people with all disabilities as we can and would like to offer a free ticket to carers accompanying a disabled visitor to help make their visit as enjoyable as possible.

Ground floor. There are 2 steps leading from the outside queueing area into the reception area. There is 1 step leading from the reception area into the main building. Toilets are on the ground floor and include one wheelchair accessible toilet.

Access to the main galleries. The gallery in the basement is accessible via 14 steps. There are 18 steps leading to the galleries on the first floor and another 15 steps leading from the first to the second floor.

Families. We have pram parking and baby changing stations on the ground floor, so we enthusiastically welcome even the youngest visitors, but please be prepared to carry them if they are not yet walking because the main galleries are not accessible with prams and pushchairs.

Hard of hearing or deaf. Our exhibits are mainly visual so can be enjoyed by visitors with limited hearing. Written explanations are situated next to all exhibits and will provide further information.

Visual impairment. Whilst we hope that visitors who are partially sighted or blind will enjoy visiting Paradox Place, we would like to manage expectations by pointing out that most of our exhibits are visual. We would also like to make you aware of the fact we have uneven flooring in places due to the age of the building, and some exhibits need a step up so there are trip hazards throughout the building. We absolutely welcome guide dogs and carers to assist visitors with visual impairment, and would like to offer a free ticket to carers.

Visitors on the autistic spectrum or other spectrums. You are free to visit all exhibits in any order and at any pace you like, so visitors who need a little more space can avoid noisy or crowded areas. You can call us on 01273 964000 and we can advise on when is a good time to visit to avoid the busiest times. If you are still unsure, you can pop in and see how you feel, and if you are uncomfortable in our building, we will refund your ticket.

Toilets. Toilets are on the ground floor. There are male and female toilets as well as one wheelchair accessible toilet. Baby changing stations are in the female toilets and in the disabled toilet.

Guide, assistance and support dogs. We welcome all guide, assistance and support dogs if they are working and are wearing their harness. They must be kept close to you at all times.